Epic Tower Defense

Based on When Orcs Attack, Epic Tower Defense was a 3D tower defense game aimed at the browser-based gaming market. In addition to everything When Orcs Attack offered, it was tailored to fit a 5MiB transfer size limit, and featured a much simplified tutorial.

Epic Tower Defense was followed by Hordes of Orcs, a much refined version published by Freeverse and Hordes of Orcs 2, also published by Freeverse and featuring new game elements, significant graphical improvements and a new UI.


Mac Windows
CPU 1.83 Ghz 1.5 Ghz
RAM 384 MiB 384 MiB
Disk 30 MiB 25 MiB
GPU Intel GMA950 DirectX 7 graphics card w/ 32MB VRAM
Version 10.3.0 and above.
(Not compatible with 10.8.0 and above!)
Windows XP SP2 and above.
(Not compatible with Windows 7 and above!)

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