Hordes of Orcs 2

Building on the success of Hordes of Orcs, Hordes of Orcs 2 was a 3D tower defense game aimed at the Windows and Mac download market and launched on the then-new Mac App Store. On top of everything Hordes of Orcs offered, it featured a completely new user interface, major graphical improvements, the new “Railgun” tower, the new “Skeleton” enemy type, new game modes and new maps.


Mac Windows
CPU 1.83 Ghz 1.5 Ghz
RAM 384 MiB 512 MiB
Disk 80 MiB 75 MiB
GPU Intel GMA950 DirectX 7 graphics card w/ 32MB VRAM
Version 10.3.0 and above.
(Not compatible with 10.8.0 and above!)
Windows XP SP2 and above.
(Not compatible with Windows 7 and above!)

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